Our objective is firstly for you to think differently about money. The outcome I want for you at the
completion of the Money Makeover Program is that you are competent, confident and you can
trust your decision making process about your money.
The information in this program has been gathered over 40 years, from my studies, reading & most
importantly from my clients. It is condensed into these 3 major elements.
Money EQ, Money IQ & Money Beliefs

Money Makeover Program.

Includes: 2 hour one-on-one RTT session, transformational bespoke audio, 4 video modules including a money mindset meditation, 4 workbooks, 2 group webinars, a one-on-one coaching session and a one-on-one review.

We commence by dealing with the essential components Money EQ, Money IQ and Money Blocks.

  • Money EQ explores your money attitude and behaviours. Are they yours or were they passed on from family or friends?
  • Money IQ deals with the practical aspects of money including budgeting, financial goals, timeframes, investment choices & characteristics & risk mitigation and;
  • Money Blocks: using the RTT method we uncover limiting, outdated beliefs that can negatively impact lives, manifesting in feelings including hopelessness, being an imposter, anxiety, and depression.

By isolating & removing these beliefs and drawing on my 35+ years in the financial services industry, you are empowered to ‘Be the Change’ that you desire.

This comprehensive program is designed to identify and remove harmful beliefs and introduce important skills to raise your financial literacy.

Confidence and competence with money are important elements in who we are and how we live. It is much more than simply being able to pay our way. Money impacts in many other indirect dynamics in our lives.

When we trust the decisions that we make around money we have the ability to live life on our terms.


Testimonials Anastasia, USA

“Jan is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. I immediately felt comfortable to open up to her about my money blocks and desire to manifest abundance in my life. She is an incredibly talented Rapid Transformational Therapist and was able to access my subconscious mind easily through hypnosis to see how my past experiences shaped my beliefs around money. After just one session with Jan I now know with unshakable conviction that I am deserving of abundance and wealth. I have also noticed more money coming in from multiple sources. I highly recommend Jan if you want to bring more money & abundance into your life to support your dreams.”


What you will learn?

Module 1

We absolutely do have a relationship with our money and the term 'Money EQ' was coined to describe this space. It is a space that is often neglected when focusing on money matters. There are three sections in the Money EQ module that we will explore & understand, and identify the impact on your money story.

You will learn:

  • About your Money attitude and its’ influence on behaviour around money & your financial outcomes.
  • How to become your best CEO & number 1 shareholder.
  • Why we resist change and we all do.

Your future self will thank you!

Module 2 & Module 3 – Money IQ

You will learn:

'Money IQ' looks at the ‘nitty gritty’ and the many practical aspects of money. We learn through doing by working with scenarios and completing the exercises in the workbook. You will learn about; Budgeting, debt management, financial goals - short, medium & long term, timeframes, investment choices, risk profiles, superannuation, and the all-important protection of assets.

Module 4 – Money Blocks

You will learn:

  • What money blocks keep getting in your way, causing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, sabotaging behaviour.
  • What underlying negative beliefs drive these money blocks.
  • Identify the Money influencer .

Your current money story could be due to old patterns held in the subconcious creating behaviours that are keeping you stuck. Included in this module is a guided hypnosis session to help identify negative money beliefs. This is enhanced with a beautiful 20 minute hypnosis recording to wire in positive beliefs.

Money Makeover Program Schedule

Together we will embark on a journey that will delve into your personal approach to Money. We will scrutinise your past and launch a new future. Jan Transformations has a robust process that you will find easy to follow. A combination of self-directed training Modules, group and one-on-one sessions have been developed by Jan Transformations. Included in the program are.

  • Four training Modules where you will respond to a series of reflective questions after completing workbooks and videos.  Note that completion of the reflective questions for each module will trigger access to the following module.
  • Two group Webinars led by Jan.  These will be held in the early evening (Australian Eastern Time).
  • A one-on-one Coaching Meeting with Jan.
  • A one-on-one Rapid Transformational Therapy Session with Jan.
  • Listening for 21 days of your bespoke transformational audio.
  • A Review Appointment with Jan.


To help keep you on track and to complete the course in the time allotted, you will undertake a series of activities.  You will be required to completed the tasks listed below by the due dates.  The dates for each of these is shown below.  To assist, you will receive an email prompting you to complete each activity by the due date.



Completion Date

First Webinar

Zoom Invitation

24 April

Module 1

Video, workbook and reflective questions

01 May

Module 2

Video, workbook and reflective questions

08 May

Second Webinar

Zoom Invitation

10 May

Module 3

Video, workbook and reflective questions

18 May

Module 4

Video, workbook and reflective questions

26 May

One-on-one Coaching Meeting

one-on-one Coaching Meeting with Jan at a time of your choosing.

05 Jun

RTT Session

one-on-one Rapid Transformational Therapy Session with Jan at a time of your choosing

20 Jun

Review Appointment

one-on-one Client Review Appointment with Jan 21 days after your RTT Session

13 July


Jan Morrison's Money Makeover Program

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